Meet The Team

You may be familiar with the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it took a team to turn my vision of helping others into the Living Proof site!



LIZ0Marti Hill – Chief Inspiration Officer, the Marti Hill Group

I am known for making the best of every situation. I often turn serious conversations into lighthearted banter. I always say that I am easily bored and easily entertained. Creativity comes naturally to me and I often seek out ways to use it in business and everyday life. Trying to convey the lighter side of who I am along with the serious nature of this topic is not an easy task. For more on my story, see About Marti.





Joyce Layman – Mind by Design 

I am known as a serial entrepreneur with a get-it-done approach to business. In 2007, after a successful sales career, I switched gears to pursue my passion for making a difference in the lives of others. My own mindset shift occurred when I received training in The Pacific Institute’s curriculum which is based in cognitive psychology. I launched Mind by Joyce teal top 2Design, my keynote speaking and coaching business. My keynotes focus on mindset and change. My coaching process is focused on helping female entrepreneurs create a business and life they love by design.

The way I met Marti is truly a 6 degrees of separation story. The brother of Darren LaCroix, my speaking coach, was engaged to marry Marti’s sister. Darren came to me and asked that I help Marti tell her story through an audio interview. With so many things in common, the interview turned into a great friendship and me joining Marti to bring her vision of helping others on this site to life.

Marti’s cause is one that I am passionate about due to challenges I have overcome in my own life. I experienced a verbally-abusive relationship, and endured the loss of both of my parents within the last six years. Because of my experiences and my passions for assisting and inspiring others, joining Marti’s cause seemed like a natural progression. It’s truly rewarding to offer my expertise on this project that is making a difference in so many lives!



sara headshot

Sara Kincaid – Wordsmithing Specialist

I am a writer who has always had a passion for language and stories. I have worked as a writer in numerous capacities throughout my career. From public relations and web writing to business-to-business sales and back to my first love, creative writing, I have developed a diverse skill set. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a Master’s degree in Literature.

I met Marti at kickboxing class one evening in July 2012. We were sharing a punching bag and started chatting. When I told Marti that I was a writer, she began to tell me her story and brought me to join her and Joyce on this amazing journey and massive project.

My passion for Marti’s mission comes from both Marti’s enthusiasm and my own history with overcoming obstacles. My experience as a member of a sequestered jury for a very serious case involving a serial rapist as well as my own struggles with a controlling relationship helped me to connect with Marti and her cause. This whole experience has provided me with a way of using my talents and passions to contribute and to help others.


Major Contributors


David DiBellaDavid DiBella – Owner and Head Instructor at TMAFitness

I have been practicing martial arts for 30 years. Ten years ago I founded TMAFitness and have been teaching on a full-time basis ever since. Teaching others is something that I had wanted to do my entire life because of the influence martial arts had on me growing up. Martial arts is a valuable discipline because it brings balance, both mentally and physically, and it builds a foundation that can help people to be successful in all areas of life.

I met Marti about three or four years ago. She came into the studio wanting to take kickboxing classes and indicated that she wanted to do something for herself, get in shape and invest in her well-being. Following her attack, Marti and I talked at length about a variety of topics, many of which revolved around personal protection. We have collaborated on self-defense seminars and will be presenting more in the future.

Marti is an inspiration for many reasons. It’s inspiring to see how someone can overcome such a challenge and come out stronger. Marti’s desire to make others stronger from her experiences is going to have a positive impact on a lot of people. From her story, others can derive strength, hope and knowledge.


prairie village police departmentPrairie Village Police Department

The Police Department was founded in 1951 and is comprised of 47 sworn officers and 13 civilian employees who provide 24-hour law enforcement services for the communities of Prairie Village and the City of Mission Hills. We take great pride in serving our citizens and value the partnerships we have forged throughout the years. We have never forgotten our humble beginnings, the importance of community partnerships and the high standards we strive to maintain. Our Department motto – “A Tradition of Service” – reinforces our commitment to community and is proudly displayed on every marked patrol unit and throughout our facility. Citizens can keep in contact with us on our website ( or through Facebook ( We welcome any comments or questions that our citizens can provide.

The Prairie Village Police Department takes great pride in doing everything we can to help make victims of crime feel safe again. Marti’s website will make great strides in helping crime victims throughout the country. The number one goal of any Police Department is to help people, and if this website can provide some guidance to anyone in need, then we support it 100%.


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Hope House

Hope House services form a safety net of prevention , education and support for more than 10,000 victims of domestic violence every year. Residential and outreach services are provided through two secure locations in Independence and Lee’s Summit, Missouri (the Kansas City metro area).


tilpro.rtasign2Tilpro –

TILPRO enjoys giving back to the local community that has helped support them throughout the company’s young years. When presented with Marti’s story and asked if there was anything TILPRO could do to help, we felt it was imperative to offer our consulting and expertise to help facilitate the best user experience possible for Marti’s outreach. It is not everyday that someone you meet has a story like Marti’s, and when these types of people cross your path, it is important to take advantage of your opportunity to help one another and answer your calling. We believe wholeheartedly in Marti’s cause and are just excited that we were asked to be a part of her story.

TILPRO is an internet marketing and web development company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. They offer web design, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing services that are designed to help grow business’ online internet presence. TILPRO strives to provide their clients with the industry’s best known web practices that are designed to maximize visitor traffic and capture visitor attention.