Our Mission: To raise awareness and empower others to help them thrive!

Why I Created This Site

No one wakes up expecting that they will become the victim of a horrible crime, to be forever branded a statistic. But it happened to me. On September 8, 2010, I was violently attacked in my home and left for dead.

My ordeal has pushed me to learn about people, about how they function, and how each is different from the other.

I have always felt that it was important to help others. And now with everything that has happened, I feel that it is even more important to reach out and help others to survive, to connect with each other and with experts, and to thrive in the wake of adversity. This site is also meant to serve as a resource for those who are seeking to aid a friend or loved one who has endured a crisis or setback.

Throughout this website, you will find thoughts and tips from experts in a variety of fields, other survivors and me. My goal is to help others find hope and direction and to reestablish balance when life takes them on an unexpected turn.


It took a lot for me to decide to do the CBS 48 Hours story about my attack. I was looking for what made sense as to why I would do this. I had avoided the local media over and over again because I didn’t see the point for the story being out there except to satisfy the curiosity of others.

After I received the call from 48 Hours, I called the Prairie Village Chief of Police. We talked for a very long time about reasons why I should do the interview. Through talking with him, I understood that it could be a good way to thank all of the people who came to my aid.