Girl holding sunTo me, winning at the game of life means thriving, overcoming obstacles in my way and growing as a person. What it means to thrive and how one finds their route to successfully overcoming obstacles varies from person to person. I needed to turn this attack into an opportunity to help others. I wanted to tell my story so that others could build awareness and learn how to live smart. I believe that in order to thrive, I had to be open about my experiences and be willing to share them. I know that all my questions concerning the whys of this attack may never be completely answered. My faith in God has helped me to accept what has happened and to look forward to the future. As you move forward in your own life and deal with your own experiences and difficulties, this section of the site is meant to share with you feelings and questions that I myself have wrestled with as I recovered and moved forward. You can find book suggestions for further readings covering many topics concerning all three aspects of this site. I have also provided a list of my favorite quotes that I have used for many years to help inspire and motivate me on my journey.

Top Books
Favorite Quotes