How I Beat the Odds

Why I believe I beat the odds and the offender was caught:

1) My faith has carried me through many things in life. It doesn’t necessarily save you from experiencing a trauma; but provides strength.


2) I was very reliable at work. I communicated with my coworkers and was always early or on time. When I didn’t show up at work that morning, my coworkers started talking. They called my cell phone a few times and then decided to call the police department and request a wellness check at my home. That is how I was found.

3) I knew my neighbors. Many of them were friends and we often helped each other. For example, if one of  us were to leave town, a garage door was left open, or someone’s dog was wandering, a neighbor would eagerly step in to help.

One neighbor noticed a car that was not normally on our street and felt it was too early to have a visitor leaving. She followed the car and was later able to identify the driver who ended up being my attacker.

4) It has always been very important to me to be healthy. I have always had a passion for working out and eating well. Even though my throat was cut and I was badly beaten, I was able to put up a fight against my attacker. I believe that because I was healthy, I was able to make it until help arrived.

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5)  I have my wonderful family and friends. They fuel me every day of my life. I was told that during the first few days in the hospital, I often mentioned that I fought back hard and that he was not going to take me away from my kids.

My family and friends were also extremely important and helped me put myself back together both mentally and physically. I was able to accept their help knowing that with the relationships we had built over the years, that I would have been there for them.

I Survived
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Staying Safe