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According to the FBI criminal statistics website, there were 1.24 million estimated violent crimes committed in the United States in 2010. I was just one of many individuals who were targets that year of such acts.

After the attack, I began to think of ways that my story and the knowledge I had gained from this awful crime could help protect and educate my daughter’s friends.

A number of these girls were going off to college and I worried for their safety. I then began to think more broadly about women of all ages including my own friends and family, and then to people in all situations.  I wanted to help people avoid dangerous situations. But, I also wanted to help people who had already gone through a difficult or life-altering ordeal and share things to help them on their path of healing.

The concept behind Living Proof is three-fold. The site is based around the ideas of Survive, Connect and Thrive.

In the Survive section, you can find a variety of tips for keeping yourself safe from my knowledge and from experts. You can also read about my story in more detail.

The Connect section will provide you with ways to connect and share with each other and to learn about experts in a variety of fields. I was lucky to have a very strong support system and I know that not everyone out there is so lucky. In this community, people can find others with whom they can relate and share.

The Thrive section gives suggestions of resources, such as books and websites that you may find useful or inspiring. There is also a list of motivating and hopeful quotations that I found helpful.

The content on all of these sections will always be growing and there will consistently be new things to explore. This blog will feature guest bloggers who are experts or people who have overcome their own trials in life.

I would love to stay in contact with you on your journey or throughout the journey of your loved one. If you choose to sign up for our messages, you will receive new information from our experts and messages from me on surviving, connecting and thriving.

Thank you for spending time with me and I hope that you will find information on this site that is helpful to you.

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