It took a lot for me to decide to do the CBS 48 Hours story about my attack. I was looking for what made sense as to why I would do this. I had avoided the local media over and over again because I didn’t see the point for the story being out there except to satisfy the curiosity of others.

After I received the call from 48 Hours, I called the Prairie Village Chief of Police. We talked for a very long time about reasons why I should do the interview. Through talking with him, I understood that it could be a good way to thank all of the people who came to my aid.

I would like to thank the Chief, detectives, first responders, the attorney, the surgeons, my coworkers, the therapist, my kickboxing instructor, my family and friends.


Chief Wes Jordan sent the following memo to Detectives Luke Roth and Jason Wakefield, and their Certificates of Recognition are below.

DATE: April 16, 2012

TO: Detective Luke Roth & Detective Jason Wakefield

FROM: Chief Wes Jordan


On September 8, 2010, at approximately 1210 hours, officers were asked to check the welfare of Marti Hill since she had not arrived for work that morning. The first officer on scene entered the residence and found Ms. Hill in the basement of her residence — she was unconscious and barely alive. It was readily apparent she had been the victim of a brutal attack. She was quickly transported to the hospital and officers were uncertain if she would be able to survive.

Detective Luke Roth and Detective Jason Wakefield were assigned to the case, a case that proved to have few leads because Marti Hill was a model citizen who was well-liked. Simply stated, there wasn’t a likely suspect associated to Ms. Hill; therefore, detectives were uncertain if this attack was random or if the suspect was somehow known to Ms. Hill. Ms. Hill was in no condition to provide any leads to the detectives — the only strategy the detectives had to go on was to contact anyone and everyone who was acquainted with Ms. Hill.

On September 10, detectives decided to travel to Leeton, Missouri, to visit Brian Pennington, a handyman who had worked for both Ms. Hill and her mother in the past. Although the hour was late, the detectives were aware the likelihood of solving the case was diminishing with each passing minute. When they arrived at his residence, they immediately noticed scratches to the side of his face, which heightened their suspicion. During the course of their interview, they were able to build a rapport and eventually obtain the clothing he had worn on the day Ms. Hill was attacked. This evidence would later prove to be crucial to solving the case because DNA evidence would link Mr. Pennington to the crime scene.

Mr. Pennington could not escape the tireless efforts of Detective Roth and Detective Wakefield. On November 18, 2012, Mr. Pennington entered a plea of guilty to attempted first degree murder and aggravated burglary and was sentenced to 28 years in prison. Thankfully, Ms. Hill was in attendance to see justice served.

As a result of Detective Roth and Detective Wakefield’s exceptional performance, the Prairie Village Police Department awards them the Supervisory Recognition Award.


Detective Luke Roth’s Certificate of Recognition ROTH-CERTIFICATE PDF

Detective Jason Wakefield Certificate of Recognition WAKEFIELD-CERTIFICATE PDF