Relating to each other through our experiences is a good route to finding healing and acceptance.

holding handsIt’s okay to share your story and to be okay with getting help. Here you can connect with experts and with each other. Share your experiences, your feelings, or treatments that you have tried and with which you have found success. They may be just what another survivor needs. Working together we can find our individual paths and move from not only being survivors, but to being survivors who thrive.

We all learn from stories. The Bible, for example, is full of stories that have been shared for thousands of years among believers in search of hope, lessons and direction. Having a dialogue with someone opens up a world of possibilities, particularly when you talk to someone who has already been through something crazy. They already know and can instantly relate to you.

My desire to share my story comes from a desire to share what I have learned. I find that there is a special kind of healing that occurs when talking to someone who has had something similar happen. I want to help begin this dialogue between survivors and their families because together you can overcome anything.

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