About Marti

DSC_5805I have always lived my life following the philosophy of giving my all every day. I am a daughter, a niece, a mother of 2 children, and a coach. My children are everything to me. I have many hobbies, from coaching gymnastics, cooking classes, and kickboxing, to painting and other art forms. Prior to the attack, I was a graphic artist/the manager of the art production department for Camp David, a wholesale graphic design apparel company.

The attack left me with many hurdles to overcome and changed my life in countless ways. The left side of my face always feels tight like a mannequin and I experience consistent numbness on the left side of my face and on my top lip as well as in my left leg and hip. I experience random vertigo and my left ear always feels full. My senses of smell and taste are not the same and I sometimes struggle to find the words I want to say.

Beyond the physical are the emotional aspects—the things I often think about. The trauma that my family experienced following my attack is always foremost in my mind. In the first few days, they did not know if I would survive. And when they saw me, there was blood coming from my eyes, ears, nose and mouth due to head trauma. I hate that my family and especially my children had to experience this and the expense that was incurred in caring for me—the hospital bills and doctor visits, and travel expenses for hospital visits and court dates.

Additionally, I missed so many important moments in the lives of my children as I was recovering. I missed my daughter’s 16th birthday and taking her to get her driver’s license. I missed most of her first year of high school. I was not able to spend time with my son in Houston.

But, with the support of my family and friends, I was able to survive this attack, begin on my road to healing, and take back my life. Out of this attack, I have discovered many positives. I have found new friends in the Prairie Village Police Department and a new path has opened for me in my goal to help others.

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Detectives Luke Roth and Jason Wakefield received the Supervisory Recognition Award for their work on my case. Their letter and awards are on the Dedication page. I was taken by complete surprise when Chief Wes Jordan gave me the “Spirit of Fortitude Award” that same night.

The Spirit of Fortitude Award

The Prairie Village Police Department is proud to present the Spirit of Fortitude Award to Ms. Marti Hill for summoning the strength, courage and determination to overcome unwarranted adversity.

Marti is to be commended for maintaining a positive attitude while summoning the might to survive such an undeserving act of evil. She is an example of perseverance and we salute such a courageous spirit who is willing to share her story so others may not endure similar hardship.

Marti you have touched our hearts while garnering our respect….we are proud to call you our friend. May God bless you Marti!